Piab launches new vacuum conveyor modules for tablet press

News   •   Sep 30, 2014 02:44 EDT

Transition modules suited for tablet presses, often used by pharmaceutical companies to compress powder into tablets of uniform size and weight.  Through a signal from the press’s control system, the Piab vacuum conveyor fills up with powder to the level sensor on the transition module and into the tablet press.  When the level is reached, the Piab sensor activates, the conveyor stops filling and then the process repeats.

User benefits 

  • Direct mounts to tablet presses with Mueller, S/D 170 interface or Ø165.8mm interface or Ø244mm interface.
  • FDA-compliant, 0.5µm filter contains powders within the conveyor system and aspirates between Piab vacuum conveyor and press.
  • Capacitive level sensor prevents overfilling and production stops.