Power Generation Projects in the Americas - Project Insight Research Report

News   •   Aug 14, 2015 08:08 EDT


The report provides detailed market analysis, information and insights based on over 1,300 CIC projects in 13 countries. The report provides detailed metrics on each countries' power generation projects (as tracked by the CIC) split by type and start date by value. MW capacity analysis is also provided by country.


This report details investment in large-scale power generation projects in the region, based on projects tracked by Timetric's Construction Intelligence Center (CIC). The projects are at various stages of development, from announced to execution, and are in 10 categories: biomass, coal, gas, geothermal, hydroelectric, nuclear, ocean, oil, solar and wind. A total of 13 countries in the region are covered, and the combined value of projects tracked in these countries stood at US$792.6 billion as of April 2015. The average value of power generation projects across the 1,316 projects studied is US$602 million. The highest value project tracked in this sector in the Americas is the US$22.0 billion Mariah Wind Farm in Texas, US.

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The report provides analysis based on CIC projects showing value and MW capacity by country and top project listings. Top participants for the sector are also shown.

Reasons To Buy

Providing insight into main drivers of activity and forecasts, providing an understanding of key trends, analysis of main project participants by value by sector enabling clients to target products and services for each type of project. Analysis of main projects participants by value for the sector enabling clients to target products and services for each type of project. Providing top projects data for types of power generation projects with location, value, stage and start date.

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Key Highlights

CIC Projects analysis shows that power generation projects for the 13 countries is estimated to be US$792 billion. Hydroelectric and wind power lead for the Americas with projects valued at US$200 billion and US$190 billion respectively. Nuclear power is in third place with projects valued at US$141.5 billion headed by the US. The US also dominates for total value of power generation with projects valued at US$388 billion followed by Canada and Brazil. Brazil leads with hydroelectric projects valued at US$54.8 billion and Argentina leads with oil powered projects at US$850 million.

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Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Regional Overview

3. Sector Overview
3.1. Hydroelectric
3.2. Wind
3.3. Nuclear
3.4. Gas
3.5. Solar
3.6. Coal

4. Key Operators
4.1. Contractors