Professor Barratt encouraged Vitrolife workshop participants to think as if they were a sperm

News   •   May 07, 2014 05:15 EDT

Christopher Barratt is professor in reproductive medicine at the University of Dundee, specialised in andrology. Andrology deals with male health, particularly relating to the problems of the male reproductive system.

During his lecture Barratt gave a basic introduction to the field of andrology and talked about sperm development, how it finds and interacts with the egg. He also talked about male infertility and the importance of accurate sperm analysis.

Infertility has many causes and up to 50%, depending on definition, stems from the male. For these men the ability of becoming a parent depends upon the accuracy of the diagnostics which requires optimal handling of semen samples.

Professor Barratt discussed sperm preparation techniques related to assisted reproduction with the participants and gave some advice. He also urged the audience to “think as if they were a sperm” in order to understand how to select the best sperm to fertilise the egg.