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Roy Oppenheim takes issue with HB 87 on Channel 2's "Issues"

News   •   Jun 01, 2013 13:20 EDT

A bill designed to speed up Florida's foreclosure process - HB 87 - is awaiting Florida Gov. Rick Scott's signature.

Real estate and foreclosure defense attorney Roy Oppenheim of Oppenheim Law appeared on WPBT Channel 2's "Issues" with host Helen Ferre to talk about why the bill is a bad one.

Roy explained that the legislation would, in some ways, make it more difficult for the banks to foreclose and provide homeowners certain rights, while at the same time deny homeowners certain due process rights and have the law apply in many ways retroactively in a fashion that is unconstitutional. "The proposed law would further enshrine the idea of a permanent class of retired judges who are not truly accountable to anyone," Oppenheim explained.

"This new bill will deny you the right to get your house back. The only thing you will be able to do is sue the banks, but you will never get your home back," added Oppenheim, who believes that Gov. Scott will sign the bill.

You can view the show in its entirety below.