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News   •   Feb 23, 2016 04:54 EST

All players can you deal with Nvidia settings? How the desktop mode can be recorded? Will hide roofs on mouseover in NXT? Please cometo RS3gold to read useful tips & buy runescape rs3 gold for your character.

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You must know Nvidia settings will break when a driver update needed. For this reason, you are recommended to go to Nvidia website find the latest driver for your graphics card. Thus, you can uninstall your current Nvidia graphics driver and reinstall fresh install from that you downloaded. In addition, if you are going to flash graphics drivers, but, there was no way through the GeForce experience program, the shadow play on can be turned off.

Besides, if you have 2 monitors and are worring about how the desktop mode recorded, you can set the one as the main monitor in Windows display settings. You can change the compatibility of the Runescape client to Windows 7 or XP or start the client and hold S until the log in screen comes up.

When running towards the bank, but you are not near it, then you have to 'fish' around for the bankers using your mouse because you can't see through the roof. According to this proposed solution, you can click on the exact NPC, Item, and Bank booth in a far distance. Even if you can't do it, you also can click in the building then once you're near the roof will disappear and you can see the item to click. In the following, just switch to 'remove roofs' option if you're concerned about efficiency.

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