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News   •   Feb 01, 2016 04:14 EST

Dear players of RS! The king Zezima has returned! So, are you planning to make level 1 invention just like him? If so, our site will provide you his story &runescape 3 gold for RS supplements.

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Needless to say, everyone who is dedicated to playing RS will regard Zezima as the True God of RuneScape. One thing is certain that there was a reason he became crazy. The story started with good beginning. At that time, he was 1 xp away from 5.2b and he accidentally achieved it due to a new butterfly update added to the game that gave xp. Unfortunately, JaGeX said they wouldn't revert it back and that was the reason why he got angry at last. Now zezima will be the first to 5.4 bill xp. He’s got 99 rc with fire runes without pouches. What a god he is!

RS players will be curious about his success and must want to get to know how can he have a higher level but lower XP. The truth behind it is that a new skill had just come out and he was the first to relog and update his hiscores but everyone else essentially had lv 0 in this skill and he had lv 1 making him 1 higher total level. Apparently, he became the first maxed person to get level 1 invention. Now, most of players are standing in the same line. So, if you plan to be as prominent as him, you’d better buy runescape gold rs3 for RS implements.

In the end, do you have the desire to know why the highscores have changed again? How is rank calculated now? Frankly speaking, it’s based on levels and ties are ranked by xp. If one person is total level 500 with 100m xp, but another player is total level 501 with 500k xp, the level 501 has a higher rank on the highscores. Therefore, you must try your best to make progress as fast as possible using cheap runescape gold rs3 to power your character. In the following, you may have a try on the best rs3 gold site www.rs3gold.com to buy cheap runescape gold rs3 with the 10% off code “BESTDAY”. Lastly, enjoy your game to the fullest and happy Valentines’ Day in advance!

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