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SafePoint Glass by Simonton Windows: Safety is the Point

News   •   Feb 11, 2014 13:22 EST

Arctic temperatures in the Midwest. Historic snow and ice storms in the South. Crazy, unpredictable weather across the country during the past few years has now become the standard.

And, while we don't know what Mother Nature will throw our way next, we do know that homeowners with Simonton Windows featuring SafePoint® impact-resistant laminated glass packages are ready for almost any kind of weather.

Engineered to withstand high winds and flying debris, deter intruders and reduce unwanted outside noise in the home, the SafePoint glass package is available nationwide as an option on Simonton ProFinish® Brickmould 600 windows and doors.

“This glass package is designed to make a home a safe haven,” says John Stark, marketing manager for Simonton Windows. “The unique laminated SafePoint glass package helps reduce unwanted sound in the home, increases protection against high winds and offers proven protection against forced entry.*

Similar in design to impact-resistant glass packages found in code-driven coastal areas, SafePoint glass offers no-effort protection for the home, 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Simonton ProFinish Brickmould 600 windows and doors featuring the  SafePoint glass package greatly reduces the need for homeowners to board up windows and install unsightly storm shutters. Products with SafePoint glass have passed ASTM E1886-05/1996-09 at the Missile “C” level and can withstand repeated blows by a heavy object.

“No matter where you are located in America, if you’re building or renovating a home, SafePoint glass by Simonton Windows should be a specified product,” says Stark. “With this glass package homeowners gain instant peace-of-mind for protection against severe weather and potential intruders. And, this amazing glass also helps keep unwanted outside noise, well… outside. An added benefit if a home is located in a high traffic area near an airport, railway or busy urban center.

“The investment in SafePoint glass pays off in so many ways. In addition to helping protect the home, this laminated glass package provides excellent energy efficiency and serves as an effective barrier against heat transfer. This glass can actually play a significant role in helping lower heating and cooling costs for the home throughout the year while keeping the interior comfortable. And, SafePoint glass screens out much of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays that can damage carpets, furnishings and artwork.”

SafePoint laminated glass has an impact-resistant interlayer that can withstand repeated blows by a heavy object. SafePoint glass complements alarm systems and deadbolts for even greater security. With a Sound Transmission Rating (STC) of 32 – 36, SafePoint glass dramatically reduces unwanted noise infiltration.

Photo courtesy of Drees Homes