Scalado at top 10 list of "hottest apps" 2011

News   •   Nov 11, 2011 02:52 EST

China Mac posted a top 10 list of the hottest applications and manufactures of  2011. Angry birds topped the list, while Scalado came on ninth place with products such as Scalado Rewind (perfect group photo) and Scalado's Future Album (10 000 high resolution images on an iPad).

China Mac writes (translated):

-"On ninth place is a camera photography software company by the name of Scalado. Scalado is in close to 1 billion mobiles, and uses cross-platform technology that works on every OS from iOS, Android, Symbian  etc."

The full list of Top Ten Hottest Application of 2011:
1. Angry Bird
2. Instagram
3. iHealth
4. Talkbox
5. Flipboard
6. Square
7. Get Taxi
8. Roambi-Visualizer
9. Scalado
10. iCloud

Original article (Chinese)