Scalado Remove - and other products at MWC

News   •   Mar 05, 2012 09:39 EST

Mobile World Congress (MWC) was really great this year. We met a lot of media and got tons of positive feedback on our products. Of cause Scalado Remove was the main feature, however we also showed our other cool stuff such as Scalado Rewind, Scalado Multi-Angle etc. If you weren't at MWC or missed us here are some of the MWC coverage and products that we showed

Cult of Android had a great article, Charlie Sorrel writes:

-"Scalado is in talks with just about every phone maker and carrier out there. Some chip makers are building in support at a low level, and in this case the apps process their images crazy fast.

Fun fact: Scalado was the first company to put a pano feature into a phone, way back in the dark days of the early 1990s. It was the Sony Ericsson T610. I had one and never even knew."

Charlie also tried Scalado Multi-Angle on himself (watch video below)

* Scalado Multi Angle takes about 30-40 images in about 2 seconds and the stitch them together into a 3d holographic true 3d image of an object or face in less than 2 seconds.

Orange had another great article about Scalado, Glenn Le Santo writes:

-"Scalado is a Swedish firm that you’ve probably never heard of – despite them having a 12 year history, 110 employees and a claim that their tech has been shipped in around one billion mobile devices! However, if you use a mobile phone you have probably come into contact with their solutions because they work with most of the top handset manufacturers.

They may be one of the smaller companies exhibiting at MWC but their demo was probably the most exciting one I’ve seen all week. I cannot wait to get my hands on a device running them!"

* Scalado Remove live recorded by

Technotes, Benjamin Ferran tried Scalado Rewind himself (to the right in the video below):

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