Scalado's mobile innovations

News   •   May 04, 2012 08:13 EDT

Scalado Innovations over the years
Over the years Scalado has developed a wide range of imaging technology solutions, all with the aim of making imaging fun, fast, efficient and increase the user experience. Many of the innovations has been groundbreaking and first of its kind. Many of the innovations are based on Scalado patents and are industry standard today. Scalado is (pre) embedded in over 1 billion mobile phones today (growing with over 500 million each year). A selection of Scalado’s innovative technology is presented below.

2012 - Scalado Remove
Scalado Remove solves common photographic problems with unwanted objects in captured images, such as people getting in the way of our camera shot. Remove detects and selects the unwanted object and simply removes them automatically or by touching the selections on the screen after capturing the image.

2011 - Scalado Camera Framework
Scalado has continued its research around effective image capturing, and has lately released the Scalado Camera Framework, which makes it both effective and simple to achieve the same performance as SpeedTags on any platform.

2010 – Rewind
Scalado Rewind deals with a problem that photographers have been struggling with since the first group picture was taken: to get everyone to look their best at the same time. With Rewind, users can take the best facial expressions from several shots and combine them in the same picture.

2009 - Timewarp
TimeWarp takes a bust of images, where the capturing start even before the user presses the button! The user can then decide which picture to use, by browsing back and forth in time.

2008 – 1st zero shutter lag capturing device
Zero Shutter Lag (ZSL) is the only software-based innovation that enables the user to capture photos instantly. ZSL is the first of many innovations based on the SpeedTags-technology. Its follow-on products include Rewind, Shot-to-shot, Burst, HDR and several others.

2007 – SpeedTags: Revolutionizing capturing
SpeedTags is one of the innovations that really make a difference in the mobile camera industry. Its introduction changed the way images are captured on a mobile device, and greatly enhanced the user experience and quality of a digital imaging.

2005 – The 1st super-fast album viewing for mobile phones
Image viewing technology has never been easy, but in 2005 Scalado introduced a technology that made it faster and easier to view, search and organize images. This technology has been further developed and more advanced solutions have been released through the years.

2004 – CAPS™ – Making imaging faster and more efficient
CAPS™ is Scalado’s flagship product and with its unique features, it has made imaging in mobile devices faster and more efficient since its launch in 2004.

2004 – The 1st advanced mobile editor
This product is unique; not only because it was the first advanced image editor on a mobile phone, but also because it was the first time that a mobile handset manufacturer used imaging in its marketing campaigns.

2003 – The 1st panoramic images on a phone
Scalado created the first imaging technology in the world for capturing and viewing panoramic images on a mobile phone. It is based on the random access technology and Scalado managed to integrate this tool in the phone.

2002 – Random Access JPEG
Scalado has several patents for random access technology. The best known is Random Access JPEG (RAJPEG), which is a very effective way to process images. RAJPEG saves a huge amount of working memory and increases performance significantly. It enables an astonishing user experience on any device, independent of the existing memory and CPU performance.

2000 – ImageZoom
This was Scalado’s first innovation. Regardless of the size of the image, ImageZoom makes it possible for the user to access – using any internet connection – and zoom into a specific part (or parts) of a megapixel image, without having to download the entire image.