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Schottky Barrier Diode Market: Lucrative Opportunites across Globe

News   •   Apr 17, 2018 15:54 EDT

The schottky barrier diode is named after the German Physicist Walter H. Schottky. The schottky barrier diode can be defined as a type of electronic component with a low forward voltage drop and very fast switching action. Sometimes it is also termed as schottky diode, surface barrier diode, hot carrier diode or hot electron diode. These diodes provide higher switching speeds and better system efficiency as compared to silicon diode due to lower forward voltage requirement. A silicon diode requires 600-700 mV forward voltage, while the schottky diode’s requirement of forward voltage is 150–450 mV.

Some of the factors driving the global schottky barrier diode market are the significant features of these diodes, such as low forward voltage drop, higher efficiency, low profile surface-mount package, ultra-small, low capacitance, integrated guard ring for stress protection, and few others. Owing to these advance features, schottky barrier diodes provide a wide range of application. schottky diodes are used in transistor saturation and voltage clamping application due to their higher current density. While germanium diodes have a forward bias voltage of 0.2V, standard silicon diodes have 0.6 V, schottky barrier diode forward voltage drop around 1 mA which ranges between 1.5 V to 0.46 V.

Furthermore, schottky barrier diodes are the most efficient choice for high efficiency, and sensitive applications due to their low forward voltage drop. For instance these diodes are used in stand-alone photovoltaic systems to prevent batteries from discharging through solar panels at night. schottky barrier diodes are also integrated with grid connected systems which contains multiple string connected in parallel, resulting in less energy consumption.

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These diodes offer various advantages as compared to regular p-n junction based diodes, when used in diode based sample and hold circuits. For instance, it does not have any minority carrier charge shortage which allows them to switch more quickly, resulting in lower transition time from the sample to the hold step, in a more accurate sample. schottky diodes are being used as rectifiers in switch mode power suppliers to reduce levels of power consumption. The schottky barrier diodes has shown an emerging growth in electronics, and semiconductor industry. It has been observed that the schottky barrier diode market is gaining momentum owing to the augmenting applications and wide applications across the globe. The factors that are fueling growth of schottky barrier diode market include augmentation in the demands, widening application areas, robust industrialization, increasing awareness level among end users, constant innovations, technological developments, burgeoning applications, urbanization, emerging economies, and growth of electronics sector. Moreover, the manufacturers are implementing different strategies in order to benefit from the significant growth rate of schottky barrier diode market through joint ventures, partnerships, and acquisitions. However, there are some limitations in schottky barrier diodes which are anticipated to hinder the growth of global schottky barrier diode market. The most evident ones are identified to be relatively high reverse leakage current, and low reverse voltage ratings associated with these products. Reverse leakage current increases with the temperature which results in thermal instability. Unless great switching speed is required, these schottky barrier diodes offers limited advantages.

The global schottky barrier diode market can be segmented on the basis of packaging type, lead type, application, and geography. Based on packaging type, the global schottky barrier diode market can be categorized into plastic packaging, metal packaging, and glass packaging. Based on lead type, the global market can be bifurcated into high voltage, and low voltage. Based on application, the schottky barrier diode market can be segmented into automotive, consumer electronics, IT and telecommunication, and others. The geographical segment of schottky barrier diode market includes North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and South America. Among these geographies North America is anticipated to be the dominant schottky barrier diode market during the forecast period due to increasing applications, focused research and development activities, rapid growth of electronic sector, and technological advancements.

Some of the most prominent players in the global schottky barrier diode market includes NXP Semiconductors, Shanghai WillSemi, Media Data Systems Pte Ltd, PANJIT International Inc, Taiwan Semiconductor, and Infineon Technologies AG.

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