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News   •   Feb 04, 2016 03:24 EST

The Jedi Guardian is an advanced class of the Jedi Knight. Its skill trees are Defense, Vigilance and Focus. The focus tree is shared with the Jedi Sentinel. The Jedi Guardian is a mirror class of the Sith Juggernaut.

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The Jedi Guardian is a rather simple tank. High armor, the ability to shield attacks and a few ways to interrupt or CC let the Guardian do what he was built to do. Your main two attacks are Sundering Strike and Guardian Slash. The first is used to build Focus, while the second uses it up. What these attacks mainly do though is debuff enemies’ armor, making them take more damage from your allies and yourself. On top of that, Riposte will almost always be available, providing a 6% boost to melee and ranged defense when used for 6 seconds. It should be used often, but pay attention to your Focus so you have enough left over for other emergency attacks. If you are In Soresu form, like you should be, you shouldn't have any issues with Focus. Force Sweep and Blade Storm should also be used on cooldown regardless if you are tanking a single enemy or a whole group, as the former lowers accuracy by 5% for 18 seconds and the latter will give you a damage absorbing shield. Awe, Hilt Strike, Force Push and Force Stasis give you a lot of CC in situations that need it and Force Kick is there for an interrupt. Force Leap can also be used for an interrupt, but it's best to be kept for quick movement when needed. Your taunts are there for when you need them and you have plenty of abilities to help out your healers in the form of Endure and Saber Ward. Besides the large amount of skills, playing a Defense Guardian is pretty easy.
The Focus Tree is unable to tank like the Defense tree, or deal as much damage as the Vigilance tree in PvE, but makes up for all that with its CC in PvP. It is a support tree in group situations, using taunts, slows, stuns and armor debuffs to make sure the enemy is at a disadvantage, while the rest of your team uses the distractions you create to claim victory.

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