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Strassburger Meats – a strategic partner to Grand Cru Express

News   •   Sep 19, 2009 04:58 EDT

Kjell Adstedt: "It's a great pleasure to introduce both this new feature of our web site - Grand Cru Express Recent News, and this time in particular, Strassburger Meats from New York city.".

Suzanne Strassburger: "Let me introduce myself. My name is Suzanne Strassburger, President of our family meat business. Within the industry, they call me "Suzy Sirloin." I love the meat business and have been working in it since many years".

Kjell Adstedt: "Suzy, tell us a bit more about your company".

Suzanne Strassburger: "Strassburger Meats has become a legend in the industry because of our unique ability to balance experience and innovation. The Strassburger family has been in the business of buying, butchering, and selling beef since the early 1800s. We offer our customers the finest beef products available. Our success is based on five generations of expertise and an unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This is a tradition carried on by the Strassburger family to this day".

Kjell Adstedt: "Where do you distribute your selection of fine cut meats today?"

Suzanne Strassburger: "Today we rank as one of the finest meat purveyors in the Eastern United States. Some of New York's best steakhouses such as Smith & Wollensky, Post House, Ben Benson, Keens Steakhouse, Gallagher's, Quality Meats, Frankie and Jonnies, Maloney and Porcelli have earned their stars with the help of our perfectly marbled beef, lamb, and full-flavored Berkshire pork".

Kjell Adstedt: "Well, a great steak requires a very nice glass of wine. What are your favorite wines?

Suzanne Strassburger: "My favorite steak cut is a perfectly dry aged bone-in New York strip, and I would pick a fully flavored and rich Cabernet Sauvignon to balance the flavors of the meat. I prefer my steaks prepared in simplicity, with only some kosher salt on them to bring out the full flavor of the meat. The right choice of wine is obviously important, but when we dine together next time, I'll let you pick the wine".

Kjell Adstedt: "Is your business affected by the economic downturn and if so, what are you doing to adjust to that?" 

Suzanne Strassburger: "Business has definitely softened in the US steakhouse market, like in many other industries. Therefore, we are proud to announce that Strassburger Meats is expanding internationally with its new division, Suzy Sirloin Inc. I, Suzanne Strassburger, will be leading this new venture with twenty years of knowledge and experience with Strassburger Meats. It is an entirely new challenge and a commitment that I am looking forward to with enthusiasm. Our first focus is on markets in Asia Pacific, with the first target market being Hong Kong. In fact, I'm going there next month to meet our new importer there in October."

Kjell Adstedt: "Are there any challenges in this new venture?"

Suzanne Strassburger: "Yes, there are several. For example, we have to meet export and import regulations for meat for each specific market. Also, we have to ship chilled meats with air cargo carriers, especially until the business volume is big enough to handle frozen boxed meat products that can be shipped with freezer sea containers".

Kjell Adstedt: "Well, Suzy, we wish you best of luck with your new endeavors. Keep us posted on your success!"