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TeXtreme®’s winning streak complete in 2011 F1 series

News   •   Nov 29, 2011 05:43 EST

The 2011 Formula 1 championship series ended with the Brazil GP taking place on November 27th. This year every race was won by a car reinforced with TeXtreme® Spread Tow Fabrics, hence resulting in both the driver and team championship titles for the second consecutive year.

In the driver championship total TeXtreme® reinforced cars holds 9 out of the first 10 positions.

In the team championship total TeXtreme® reinforced cars holds 4 out of the first 5 positions.

TeXtreme® Spread Tow Reinforcements are used to reduce weight and improve mechanical performance on high-performance composites. In Formula 1 TeXtreme® has been used on composites body parts resulting in weight savings on about 20-30%.