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News   •   Feb 16, 2010 20:28 EST

The Voice of Mobile aired from the wsRadio studios in beautiful San Diego, California yesterday and featured 4 top industry experts.  The show guests delivered data, expert tips, and advice on how to best leverage everything from mobile marketing strategies in the entertainment arena, to how to notice golfers of tee times in real time. 

Mark Steven of BizM3 spoke to the question "Why Mobile and why now?" While PGA pro Tim Hurja educated us with the leading benefits that large organziations can expect with mobile campaigns.

Mobile Giving Foundation's CEO, Jim Manis shared record breaking fund raising success as a result of his foundation's efforts in raising money for the Haiti earthquake victims, now in excess of $41,000,000.00

We also heard from social media expert, Rick Itzkowich about the art of giving a gift of value in the early stages of developing relationships and how mobile provides the perfect platform for the simple, high impact gift of daily quotes.

The Voice of Mobile is fast becoming the voice of the industry and can be relyed upon as a trusted source for proven strategies and expert advice as so many companies are now migrating to mobile to realize all of the benefits of these messaging power tools at a fraction of the cost of more traditional messaging delivery methodologies.

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