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If you are freelance content writer you are probably writing for something that is characteristically a small, medium or a large company's website. The reason you provide content writing services for others is that properly written subjects create professionalism for a business to give them a marketing edge over their competitors. One reason might also be that they simply do not want the extra burden of writers on their in-house staff. Web application development companies now provide business specific content writing by qualified persons. Webmyne has also evolved as a content writing company which gives an option of highly skilled articles written with target audience in mind.

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Questionnaire That Helps Content Writers As A Website Content Writing Guide

The following questionnaire will aid you to collect the right data necessary for creative and attractive web content writing for the websites of your customers.

  • Select the top three services and top three products you would like to be prominently displayed on your website.
  • Please indicate the top ten customer centric keywords as required by the services and products.
  • Tip: Provide relevant words that customers speak often during sales discussions with respect to their products and services.

  • Select the top three specific target audiences you would like to reach through your website.
  • Tip: Do you want us to give more importance to locations, ages, concerns, interests etc.

  • Specify one of the main reasons why your target audience would want to buy your product and services.
  • Tip: Your Unique Selling Proposition

  • Make available relevant Information about the company like its background, the people and their expertise, website URLs of competitors, Company philosophy or credo, vision, mission statement etc.
  • What content would you like the website to present?
  • Tip: Articles, Premium guides, corporate brochure, Product brochures etc.

    Hundreds of websites for customers are created by professional website providers using the above questionnaire to get information for website content writing.

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