Three Tips to Level Up Quickly with Double XP & Swtor Credits in Swtor

News   •   May 20, 2016 04:37 EDT

Hi, players in Swtor! Chapter 14, Mandalore’s Revenge in Kotfe is going to be live soon. What level are you in? Higher or lower? Do you eagerly want to be a superior player in Swtor? Don’t worry, Swtor2credits tells three secret tips to help you level up quickly.

Tip 1: Get double XP for 5 days
Today, BioWare announced that Swtor Double XP will return in one week. It runs from May 26-30. That means you will get double XP for five days. Are you ready to be there? The more XP you get, the faster you could level up. So just grasp this wonderful chance and get more XP during playing, and you could rise your level as quickly as possible.

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Tip 3: Less delivery time makes no waste time
The sooner you receive swtor credits, the faster you could rise your level. So Swtor2credits delivers your swtor credits less than 30 minutes. We deliver your goods via two timely methods, face to face trade and in-game mail. Both of them are in game, so there is no need to worry about the safety of your account. More importantly, it will save lots of your precious time, and you have more time to gain your XP.

The higher level you are in Swtor, the more benefits you will enjoy. So just play Swtor more time during May 23-30 to get more XP, and come to Swtor2credits to prepare enough swtor credits. If you are wondering how to get swtor credits, just feel free to contact with our 24/7 Live Help, they are willing to help you all the time. Have fun!

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