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UV Disinfection Equipment Market to Create Need for Safe and Clean Water

News   •   Aug 14, 2017 15:57 EDT

UV Disinfection Equipment Market is physical disinfection method. There has been a substantial increase in the adoption of UV disinfection technology to carry out disinfection. The adoption of physical disinfection methods has grown on account of their chemical free approach of disinfection. The disinfection technology using UV radiations finds its application in disinfection of water, wastewater, air, food and beverages, and surfaces.

The demand for UV disinfection equipment is highest in the water and wastewater treatment industry. Water scarcity issues across the globe have made it essential to develop effective and efficient techniques to reuse water. In order to meet the ever increasing demand for water, municipalities have started to adopt efficient water management model. There has been a substantial increase in the investments made in developing effective water and wastewater treatment technologies. Water and wastewater treatment using chemical disinfectants, results in disinfection by-products which can be harmful to human and aquatic life. On the contrary, disinfection of water and wastewater using UV technology does not leave any residue after disinfection.

Apart from applications across water and wastewater treatment industry, UV disinfection technology is used widely in industries such are healthcare, pharmaceutical, life sciences, and food and beverages. Risks related to Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) are major factors driving adoption of the UV disinfection technology in the healthcare industry. UV disinfection plays a vital role in maintaining a non-infectious environment in hospital premises and helps minimize transmission of life threatening diseases. Along with sterilization and sanitation purpose, UV disinfection is also used in Healthcare for disinfection/purification of air and surfaces. Air and surface disinfection using UV has potential to be quickly adopted across other applications as well. In the food and beverages industry UV disinfection technology is used to disinfect stored, processed, and packaged food. In the industrial sector, the UV disinfection technology is used mostly to undertake disinfection of air and surfaces.

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