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Vivo Introduces Smartphones with Screen-Integrated Fingerprint Readers

News   •   Jan 27, 2018 13:40 EST

Published Date : Jan 10, 2018

The technology for smartphones to be integrated with fingerprints has become ubiquitous in the recent past but currently, it is only limited to the body of the devices and acts as lock and unlock systems by identifying the authorized individuals. Last year, Vivo had shown a prototype of cellphone screen to be integrated with biometric systems that can ideally meet with several ecommerce applications, and now the Chinese company has confirmed that their flagship technology will go into production soon.

This new technology, without a doubt, paves way to a new era for smartphones and puts the Dongguan-based company ahead of the curve since rumors are ripe that even Apple Inc. and Samsung have tried achieving this functionality but failed.

In a lot of ways, the fingerprint reader on Vivo smartphones would be invisible, emerging out of the panel and the glass when called upon. This advancement in screen technology takes the company ahead of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8, which both failed to inspire customers with premium experience.

Currently, the technology is limited only to OLED screens as the optical fingerprint reader is only capable of detecting things on the glass screen and the panel. The new Vivo cell phone will come with a graph on the screen demonstrating the exact location for the detection and will disappear entirely when other aspects of the phone are being used. Vivo is expected to soon announce from when the new phones start rolling out for customers across the world.