When are you going to join God Wars Dungeon 2 Improvements ?

News   •   May 10, 2016 05:37 EDT

The fight rages on deep in the Heart of Gielinor, so to help you enjoy this fantastic piece of boss battling content, we’ve made a selection of improvements:

Kill timers have been added to each of the bosses
A way to renew instance time while inside a God Wars Dungeon 2 instance is available via the kill count interface.
Drop tables for the mobs inside the dungeon have been added
Improved clickzones on the bosses
On a faction insignia, you can now toggle the option to prevent dealing damage to matching faction NPCs
You can now check via the kill count interface which bounty you have currently been assigned by Feng the Bounty Master
You can now toggle on faction insignias the option to automatically collect ingression fragments.
The Aftershock Invention perk will now proc more frequently
A tooltip for your current reputation points has been added to the kill count interface
A slimmer and a smaller version of the kill count interface is now available
Bloom for the Twin Furies’ weapon gems has been added
Let us know what you think of the improvements and keep the feedback on the Heart coming in!

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