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News   •   Apr 06, 2016 05:31 EDT

If you have not had the chance to see what great world PvP really looks like, then you will want to check out the video below, uploaded by Swtorista of a world PvP event this weekend. While it’s probably not typical of average world PvP that usually is 8v8 or so, it does look like a good time, lag and all.

Here’s a video from Swtorista that shows some world PvP on Oricon.

[Note: Video contains large unfiltered voice chat group.]

Who: PvP enthusiasts
What: Open World PvP for the Scare Bear title
Where: Oricon (Instance 1)
When: Saturday, April 2nd @ 8pm EST

This is what world pvp looks like in SWTOR, when it happens! The goal of this event was to try and kill other players for an achievement. If you skip to later in the video you can see the huge number of players, causing the game to lag horribly. It was very back and forth!
If you’re really into PvP, then you might enjoy it but one thing you will notice from the video is the lag. Unless you have a really awesome computer (and in some cases, even then), you’re going to lag up seriously when this much world PvP is going on. All those characters in one place with all their spells and abilities going off and you’re lucky if your computer doesn’t blow up. So while this isn’t typical of world PvP in SWTOR, it can and does happen and we’re pretty sure everyone who was there that night, no matter how briefly, will remember this for a long time.

But for many who love PvP (myself included), this can be a lot of fun. Do you like world PvP?

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