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News   •   Dec 11, 2015 04:03 EST

The World of Warcraft community has gone to the dogs. Douchebaggery is running rampant and finding a decent player is next to impossible. At least, that is the feeling you get if you head onto any game related forum today. In a nutshell, most players believe that the community has totally gone to hell and is getting worse by the day. Is World of Warcraft now the breeding grounds for the dredges of gaming society in its old age or are other forces at work here that make the issue seem worse than it actually is?

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The Good Old Days
We all love to look back at the past with fondness, especially when it comes to World of Warcraft. According to our nostalgia filled reminisces, all parts of the game were better in the safe confines of our memories. This superiority of the past includes the community at large.

According to many players, the WoW we once knew was a place filled with players who breathed sunshine and rainbows. Finding a player who was less than pleasant was a rare experience and for the most part the community as a whole was basically one big happy family. Even I find myself a bit jaded when I look back from where we have come from.

With that being said, if I am really honest with myself I can start to see that many of my fond memories are omitting some major details. You see, even in the supposed good old days, jerks existed. I can remember many times when I was called names, harassed, trolled, had loot stolen in a raid, or had a guild bank utterly gutted by some dishonest fellow. To say that these buffoons didn't exist when World of Warcraft was in its prime is just nonsense touched with wishful thinking.

Degenerate Community
Of course, many argue that it isn't that these dregs of the World of Warcraft community did not exist, it is that they are far more prevalent now than ever before. No matter where you go, there seems to be at least one player that has made it their mission to make other players miserable. In fact, based on forum posts, many players have canceled or have considered canceling their subscriptions because of the flagrant toxicity that often takes place.

This new found abundance of noxious players is blamed most on a lack of in game accountability. The idea behind this is that WoW has become a game that is almost totally playable by yourself, there is no need to make any attachments to any other player. Add into the mix that guilds are no longer required and thus unable to police their members, and many feel the community has been left to totally run amok.

while it may seem like the WoW community has become a dark place filled with players of the worst kind, perhaps that isn't quite the case. There have always been toxic players, the same as any community involving human beings. They haven't increased, we are just more aware of them than ever before. Besides, a toxic individual is just that; an individual. Only you can given them the power to ruin the community as a whole.

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