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News   •   Dec 14, 2015 03:53 EST

Many of us have dreamed about an MMO based on the Diablo universe. While it is unlikely that Blizzard will be taking us down that avenue anytime soon (or ever), it seems that a bit of the Diablo universe may be injected into World of Warcraft: Legion. Reports by various players inside the Alpha of the brand new expansion say that a familiar Diablo character; the Treasure Goblin, has been popping up to the delight of all.

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The Treasure Goblin as we know him in Diablo 3 pops up from time to time and leads players on a wild chase. Dropping piles of gold as he goes, if you manage to defeat this elusive creature, you are rewarded with piles of gold, gems, and other fantastical items. Inside Legion's Alpha the Treasure Goblin has been renamed to the Treasure Demon, however, it seems that he holds many of the same properties as his D3 counterpart.

Currently, the Treasure Demon drops an item known as the Sanctuary Coin, a direct reference to D3. However, what the end goal for this particular mob will be remains to be seen. Whether the Treasure Demon is simply an Easter Egg or a super rare mob is up for debate. Also under question is if he will continue to drop the Coin, or if he will eventually drop other desirable items such as gold, gear, pets, and other rare treasures. Either way, it is excellent to see a bit of another Blizzard universe filter into World of Warcraft.

If you spent any time on the forums previous to the Warlords of Draenor release, you probably saw a whole lot of complaining. One of the biggest complaints about the expansion was the lack of a new class or race to play. While many felt that neither a new class nor race was essential for this particular expansion, there was a general feeling of dissatisfaction that has lasted throughout the life of WoD.

While Legion won't be offering up a new race, we will be seeing a new class; the Demon Hunter. Finally, players will be getting the brand new class they have been demanding since before Warlords. Even better, the class fits with the expansion and has a definite potential to be one of the coolest additions we have had in some time. If this is the case, players will likely renew their subscriptions just to try out their very own Demon Hunter. Be sure to check out our basic Demon Hunter guide before Legion launches to familiarize yourself with the class!

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