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News   •   Dec 21, 2015 04:51 EST

Tis the season! The Feast of the Winter Veil holiday event begins today, December 16th and ends on January 2nd. This event, mimicking the real life holidays that dot this month features decorations, egg nog, snowballs, and other seasonal decorations that make this holiday a fan favorite. Every year, the event is tweaked just a tiny bit and this year is no exception. Changes and additions for the Feast of the Winter Veil for 2015 include:

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Merry Supplies (obtained through a daily quest) can now purchase several festive items including several decorations (Old Box of Decorations, Festive Outfits, Imported Trees, Little Helpers), a toy (Crashin' Thrashin Killdoze Controller), and a Savage Gift that has the potential to contain a brand new mount called the Minion of Grumpus.

Snow piles that appear while completing the daily quest for Merry Supplies that contain Huge Snowball, Savage Snowball, Snowball, and Yellow Snowball. There is also a small chance to find a Grumpling pet inside!

Improved Gift pack rewards.
A new Candy Cane that gives your character the appearance of actually eating this delicious sweet.
Finally, a host of new and varied presents under the tree. Players can expect to see Lounge Cushion toys, a Merry Munchkin Costume, a Red Wooden Sled, and a Crashin' Thrashin' Flamer Controller.
Without a doubt, the Feast of Winter Veil is one holiday you won't want to miss out on. So get in game and get into the holiday spirit before the event ends!

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