Is ULD (ultra-low dose) the new PA?

Blog posts   •   Nov 17, 2017 17:49 EST

Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™ makes the decision to capture a volume during clinical diagnosis and treatment planning one of clinical need only. Planmeca’s unique ULD technology was developed in the form of a proprietary algorithm that can separate the inherent noise in low energy scans and remove it without altering the original.


Planmeca expands its investment in E4D Technologies

Press Releases   •   Nov 06, 2017 11:36 EST

Planmeca, the world’s largest privately owned dental technology and software company and equipment manufacturer, announced that it has expanded its investment in E4D Technologies, LLC, developer of the Planmeca FIT™ CAD/CAM system. In addition, Planmeca announced expansion opportunity of its CADCAM distribution network in the North American market.


Opening up dentistry with open architecture software

Blog posts   •   Oct 20, 2017 15:00 EDT

A brief explanation of differences between closed and open architecture software


Trade Shows Are Time Well Spent

Blog posts   •   Oct 04, 2017 16:44 EDT

Trade shows still play a big part in the education of doctors, presentation of new products and technological advancements.


The Townies Come To Town!

Blog posts   •   Sep 20, 2017 16:27 EDT

Planmeca welcomed a group of "Townies" dedicated and influential dentists to the investigate our latest dental technology.


Dental Orchestration

Blog posts   •   Sep 12, 2017 15:46 EDT

In this entry, Dr. Jay Burton finishes his discussion on digital dentistry software in a practice


Digital Drivers In Your Practice

Blog posts   •   Sep 05, 2017 15:17 EDT

Dr. Jay Burton begins discussion on digital dental technology, and how he determined the right equipment and services for his practice.


School Is In Session

Blog posts   •   Aug 25, 2017 18:12 EDT

This blog points out the benefits of gaining more education or sharing your knowledge with your peers.


The Science Of Dentistry And Patient Care

Blog posts   •   Aug 17, 2017 18:07 EDT

This post talks about game-changing dental technology and its benefits for doctor and patient.


Planmeca Announces "Impressions"

Blog posts   •   Aug 07, 2017 14:23 EDT

PLANMECA Announces New Blog - Impressions

About Planmeca USA

Welcome to Planmeca Impressions

Planmeca is the largest privately held company in the dental equipment market. Our advanced, technology focused product line includes: Dental digital imaging equipment, dental units, lighting, smart dental instruments and cabinetry.


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