10 most excellent conducts to pick up Web Designing Skills

Press Release   •   Feb 19, 2016 06:33 EST

Here are the 10 best ways by which you can enhance your designing skills

1. Enabling Code Kit

A Code Kit will be the absolute tool for a web designer to immediately recognize the changes in the browser you use without refreshing every time. Previously you had to refresh every time you wanted to note the changes. But this process has been made easier with advent of Code Kit.

2. Add asterisk to make global changes of your web page

To make a change on the web pages which will apply on a global basis, you must use an asterisk before the code encrypted to make the changes. So changing an individual feature of a web page separately is not required. The entire task can be done at one time.

3. Use Fenix Web Server for making a website noticeable to the developers

Different from PHP platform, Fenix web server does not require any server like SQL and PHP to work. Instead they use localtunnel which allows your website to be viewed online. Hence Fenix Web Server is considered as an incredible web server.

4. Pixelvicon provides with a collection of dashing icons

You are equipped with more than 80 icons which arrive in different styles. You can easily showcase these icons while designing any web page. These icons are not only simple images but they also consist of features like SVG, Webfont, PSD and PNG. The icons available in Pixelvicon will definitely help you get the best one out of the wide range of choices to induce in the web page.

5. Add FitVids to your list

Video embedding is an exclusive feature which is available in HTML5. But while embedding web designer face problems of resizing the videos accordingly. Another problem which occurs is after resizing in Flash the video degrades to a certain extent unlike HTML5. These problems are undoubtedly solved if a jQuery named FitVids is plugged in.

6. Size optimization can be initiated by SmushIt

Get SmushIt for your browser and allow automated image manipulation by cutting off the unwanted bytes. This tool reduces the size of the image file and inturn initiates its faster loading.

7. For templates and themes, Mazwai provides the best option

Similar to the icon collection, this tool provides you with various small clips and relatively short videos for decorating the web pages. These clips can be added to personal or commercial websites to initiate an extra feature to its designing. Mazwai cannot be used for building business or professional webpages.

8. PageKit is the fastest solution for creating web content

Writing blogs or content writing or simply creating new themes, are all taken care by the exclusive tool named PageKit. Writing content for websites can be a boring work of a developer. In this context, PageKit brings fun and comfort in work.

9. Web topography problem is solved by Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel provides free web fonts to the web designers which practically reduces the trouble caused while generating topography in web page designing.

10. Version your files with Dropbox Pro

Despite of the huge storage capacity of your system, with the help of Dropbox Pro, your files will get version after every 30 days.