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Press Release   •   Dec 25, 2015 02:03 EST

When the director of Final Fantasy XIV, Yorship talked about the game at the final Letter from the Producer LIVE in 2015, the patch 3.2 will not be far off. Though there is no exact release date now, we have known that the Alexander savage will be more useful in the upcoming updates, while Diadem and Anima Weapons will also get well-adjusted.

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Alexander (Savage) will have less difficulty

Due to the difficulty of Alexander: Gordias (Savage) being too high in patch 3.1, it has been the situation that few members have the motivation to clear this version of raid, and thus it has become a useless content. To solve this problem, Square Enix will lower its level difficulty in Alexander: Midas (Savage) which won’t be as difficult when it releases in 3.2. Besides, as the reward for clearing Burden of the Father (Savage) is low, to maintain its value, it affected item levels of other equipment. Based on this fact, the ffxiv team is going to set hinger value for the rewards for clearing Alexander: Midas (Savage) as well.
Diadem will contain more system-wise rules

Diadem system has suffered from a lack of set rules. After receiving feedback, the team will make more well-defined rules in future content for exploratory missions. According to Yoship, make makes so gatherers and battle classes are not mixed together. Additionally, considering there will be a greater demand for materia from exploratory missions in Patch 3.2, the item level setting of the rewards obtained from exploratory missions will be 205, and the content time will change to be around 45-60 minutes.
Anima Weapons: revamp the item level hierarchy

Previously, as far as you spend a certain amount of time in the Anima weapons quests you can receive a powerful weapon without the necessity to clear difficult weapons. This is the concept behind the Anima Weapons, as well as behind the Relics and Zodiac weapons. In patch 3.2, there will be some adjustments. Tte item level hierarchy will be revamped and set to be 170, 200, and 210, so that new starting players can quickly obtain Allagan tomestone of Estoreric gear without having to rely on the weekly limitation. To take an example, if Alexander (Savage) weapons were item level 215, then we could have shortened the amount of time it takes to reach item level 210. As for the relevant lifespan of the Anima Weapons, there will be update implemented between 3.25 and 3.3.

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