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Press Release   •   Oct 17, 2016 03:41 EDT

We have introduced all new contents in Swtor Knights of the Eternal Throne before. And Bioware will host the first KOTET livestream on Monday, October 17. If you are curious to see exactly how the new Galactic Command system works, you will have a chance next Monday.

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Details about first KOTET livestream

The first KOTET livestream will talk through the recent Eternal Throne announcement, go through an overview of the new Galactic Command system and Uprisings. The details of Uprisings will be discussed separately later on. The upcoming livestream will be held by Join Ben, Charles, and Eric.
Time: Monday, October 17 at 2PM Pacific.

Galactic Command gives player a reason to repeat old content

In the first Knights of the Eternal Throne Livestream, the Galactic Command attracts much attentions among players. Full of curiosity, many people claim that it should be a new way Bioware creates to try to give them a reason to repeat old content.
As the official said before, Galactic Command allows people to grind various in-game activities to level up Command Rank from 1-100. It is not legacy-wide, but the rank is tied to the character. In a word, there is less focus on lvling, but playing the content.

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