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Press Release   •   Aug 02, 2017 22:11 EDT

From August 2, in the new cheap rs 3 gold Treasure Hunter you will not only get your normal prizes but also Oddments, which you can use to obtain more great items including Mystical Staff RuneScape etc. Let’s learn all the details and buy RS 3 gold. Are there any rewards from the previous events you really want? Please grasp this chance.

The time you can enjoy the promo
During the period between 00:00 UTC on August 2 and 23:59 UTC on August 7, 2017, you can get Oddments in addition to the normal prizes with opening chests. And the time is limited for you. make full use of this period to obtain you have ever missed during the previous event.

The items you can exchange Oddments for
With the little trinkets, you can get Sword of Raddallin, Energised Arm Cannons and the Mystical Staff RuneScape and so on. What’s more, you can obtain free Silverhawk Boots ( F2P players excluded) and the Spring Cleaner.

The way to learn the number of Oddments you can get
Along with each prize you get from the chests, you can see the number of Oddments you can get shown on the interface. And the rarer the prize is, the more Oddments you can get. At the same time, you can get more of them by cashing out your unwanted prizes in the reward shop.

1. It will take place of the cash out with gold coins during the promo.
2. At the same time, all lamps ans stars have been substituted with their prismatic counterparts.
3. After the promo is over, make sure to use up the left Oddments before they become dust until August 14.

Wish you all get what you want with enough Oddments and RS 3 gold. Just remember the promo is end until August 7, and don’t miss it.

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