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Press Release   •   Aug 02, 2017 22:13 EDT

What is your favorite activity as Runescape Beach 2017 returns? Perhaps it’s to kill the boss - Clawdia? According to the following information you can learn what you should note when killing it and earn Bubble Blower RuneScape, Large Shell etc. And don’t forget to buy RuneScape 3 gold.

Unlock Bubble Blower RuneScape with Bubble Blower token
In order to unlock the Bubble Blower, you need to get the Bubble Blower token through the Beach Party or consumed through Flo for 200 RuneCoins.
You will have a special idle animation by wielding it in the main-hand. And you will lean on one leg and use the bubble blower like a pipe, being interrupted with fits of coughing from time to time.

Obtain Large Shell RuneScape randomly while skilling
You can get the Large Shell while skilling randomly during the party, with which you have a chance to reduce temperature condition by 0.5 - 1% for many times until a hermit crab emerges from the shell and scuttles away, which results in the shell crashing.

The notes to kill RuneScape Clawdia
You can find Clawdia in the center of the Lumbridge Crater, which appears once every hour at the 45 minute mark, indicated by a start of rain in the area. And she will retreat unless defeated after 5 minutes. However, you will get the rewards if you are still fighting with her at that time.
She is level 250 and owns 10,000,000 life points. And she deals damage in all attack forms from 1-10% of your current life points. All of her attacks deal AoE damage, including Melee AoE, Ranged AoE, Magic DoT, Water Jet, Splash AoE.
Although Clawdia is very difficult to kill you for she does damage based on your current health, you need to look out for her. And it’s not safe to be killed by Clawdia, which means items will be lost on death while Hardcore Ironman Mode players will lose a life.
Luckily, fighting her will not increase the temperature gauge and even though the temperature gauge is full you still can fight her for rewards.

In addition to fighting Clawdia, you can also play Coconut Shy RuneScape, or Beach Ball Rolling etc. And you can earn many new rewards apart from Large Shell RuneScape and Bubble Blower. What’s more, you’d better buy RuneScape 3 gold.

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