11.09-11.15 safewow free $10 cash coupon for wow gold is upcoming

Press Release   •   Nov 02, 2016 04:32 EDT

Thanksgiving is a day focused on giving thanks. The whole Safewow Team are appreciated for all your supports in the past years. With the coming of the special holiday, Safewow will provide all customers up to $10 cash coupons as long as you buy over $30. The time is limited. Read on to learn more.

2016 Thanksgiving Day is upcoming,safewow offer Up to free $10 Cash Coupons for wow gold buying as big Promo during Nov.09-Nov.15.

Up to $10 cash coupons for all MMO products on Safewow

From Nov 9 to Nov 15, Safewow 2016 Thanksgiving Promos will start with the first part – Up to $10 Cash Coupons for All Safewow Products. During the activity, when you buy over $30, you will be able to get a cash coupon to save money. The maximum of the coupons are $10. The specific rules are as below:
$3 off $30: when you buy over $30 on Safewow, you can use code “THX3” to save $3;
$5 off $50: when you buy over $50 on Safewow, you can use code “THX5” to save $5;
$10 off $80: when you buy over $80 on Safewow, you can use code “THX10” to save $10.
That means, with these cash coupons, you can offset around 10% of the original price or more!

How to join in this activity and get $10 cash coupons?

It is simple to join in this activity! During the activity, you just need to place order as usual. If you meet one of the above requirements, apply the corresponding coupon code, and then the saving will take effect on your order.
1. These cash coupons are available for all products and customers on Safewow, including Neverwinter Astral Diamonds, wow cheap gold, ESO Gold, etc.
2. These coupon codes are unlimited in use times. That means, as long as you meet the requirements, you can use the codes to save during the activity.

All these coupon codes are valid in limited period. Don’t let the opportunity slip! It’s time to buy cheap wow gold, Blade and Soul Gold or others on Safewow. Thank you, everyone, for your supports and trusts. And we will improve ourselves and serve all of you better and better!

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