12.09-12.11 safewow 20% off wow gold Promo as Xmas gift is upcoming

Press Release   •   Dec 01, 2015 01:26 EST

Hi, guys. Have you joined in safewow facebook activity to win the $80 gift pack? With the process of FB activity, you will get another surprise soon: an exclusive 20% off discount will be offered on safewow in a limited time for neverwinter astral diamond, wow gold , and some other products with the cheapest price.
What products will be provided with 20% off?

Every 03:00 AM from December 9 - 11, 2015 GMT, Safewow will provide 20% off discount for some hot mmo products buying, including a certain amount of Neverwinter PC/XBOX Astral Diamonds, Swtor Credits, FFXIV Gil, WOW Gold, and Archeage Gold. To get the on-sale products, you can head to Safewow Limit Product Page and join in when the countdown is reaching Zero.

10 portions of 1M Neverwinter PC astral diamonds
10 portions of 500K Neverwinter Xbox astral diamonds

10 portions of 4000K Swtor Credits US
10 portions of 4000K Swtor Credits EU

5 portions of 3000k FF14 Gils EU
5 portions of 3000k FF14 Gils NA
5 portions of 1000k FF14 Gils JP

10 portions of 40000 WOW Gold US
10 portions of 40000 WOW Gold EU

5 portions of 800k ArcheAge Gold EU
5 portions of 800k ArcheAge Gold NA
Rules and Notes:

1. One portion per product: Everyone can only take one portion of each game product. If there is repeated order for the same game products, we will only deliver you one portion. However, you can get one portion from all game products. For example, if you are both neverwinter and swtor players, you can snap up one portion of neverwinter ad, and one portion of swtor credits.
2. Every round of activity will be ended when all on-sale products are sold out, so try to be more quickly when the countdown reaches zero.

Mark the date to buy cheapest wow gold or other special products with 20% off. BTW, don’t forget to join in other parts of promotions on Safewow to celebrate Christmas. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

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