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Press Release   •   Dec 01, 2015 01:26 EST

While exploring new zones, quests, and other big features that are expected to come with “Legion”, many wow players might have forgotten that it will also bring huge visual upgrade to the game, including increased draw distance in zones and improved melee animations. Merry christmas,Time to join safewow XMAS Party now:20% off for wow gold US/EU and other hot products on safewow during Every 03:00a.m. GMT from Dec.9 to Dec. 11, 2015 .

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Increased draw distance in Legion allows to see farther

Recently, as alpha test for World of Warcraft: Legion proceeds, Game developer Blizzard Entertainment told that the draw distances in zones will be significantly increased to allow players to see much farther in Legion than they are used to. With all the hype, an alpha tester has posted several cool screenshots on Reddit to show off the comparison locations between live and legion alpha. Those screenshots really look superb and massive, and the difference is stunning. We can see that all the spires in the distance in Legion.
Personally, the Northrend he shown is my favorite one. The fact that you can now see both ICC and the temples on top of storm peaks and dalaran in the same shot makes me wish I were a new player again so that I could see the outlines in the distance and be filled with a sense of wonder. Still, at the same time, this leads to a concern about whether it will make people feel more like looking at a map than a world, when they are on a flier and literally see from one zone into the far end of the next? After all, the 'fog of war' creates a sense of realism and mystery, though you do know what's out there.
Improved melee animations would be expected

When people are discussing about the draw distance, there is another feature that worth mentioning, which is about one of the games’ cornerstones, combat. The production director of Blizzard Entertainment and game developer of “World of Warcraft,” John Hight had ever disclosed that combat in Legion will feel more visceral to get players involved. To complete this goal, they have done lots of experimenting with Legion, especially with melee animations so that they can be more responsive.

Legion will hit the sheles in the summer of 2015, so that the developers can have more than enough time to fine-tune the expansion to keep people interested in playing the game. At the same time, it also means that players can have enough time to enjoy the current contents with the moose mount. Once you need wow gold for update 6.2.3, you are recommended to come to Safewow, the best place to buy wow gold as there are a series of promotions to celebrate 2015 Christmas!

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