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2012 Nobel Week in Stockholm - information for media

Press Release   •   Oct 20, 2012 08:10 EDT

Assistance to media

The programme of the Nobel Week 2012 will include press conferences, lectures and other events. On December 10, it culminates in the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony and the Nobel Banquet in Stockholm. The Nobel Foundation has together with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA) International Press Centre, and the Nobel Prize awarding institutions, collected useful information for media representatives who plan to cover the 2012 Nobel Week.


For individual interviews with the Nobel Laureates during the Nobel Week please contact the Nobel Foundation.

Programme for the Nobel Week 2012

Press Conferences

Wednesday, December 5
10.00 Press conference at the Nobel Foundation focusing on the Nobel Week events and the Nobel Day in the presence of the Excecutive Director of the Nobel Foundation Lars Heikensten

 - Address: Sturegatan 14 

 - Free access for all media

 - No accreditation needed, but please register at

 - Contact:  


Thursday, December 6
12.00 Press conference at the Grand Hall of the Swedish Academy for the Nobel Laureate in Literature

- Adress:  Källargränd 4.

- All media must register. Please go to for information

- Contact: Ulrika Kjellin at the Swedish Academy:  


Thursday, December 6
14.30 Press conference for the Nobel Laureates in Physiology or Medicine at the Nobel Forum, Karolinska Institutet 

-  Address: Nobels Väg 1

-  Accreditation needed. Please go to for information

-  Contact:


Friday, December 7
13.00 Press conference for the Nobel Laureates in Physics, Chemistry and the Laureates in Economic Sciences at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

  - Address: Lilla Frescativägen 4 A

  - Accreditation needed. Please go to for information

  - Contact:


Tuesday, December 11
10.15 Press conference for professor Yamanaka hosted by the Embassy of Japan

- Address: IVA (Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences), Grev Turegatan 16, Stockholm

- Language: Japanese

- Contact: Shoichi Ueda or Hitomi Saito, phone: + 46 8 579 353 00,

Nobel Lectures

Friday, December 7

15.00 – 16.45 Nobel Lecture in Physiology or Medicine

- Address: Jacob Berzelius Lecture Hall, Karolinska Institutet, Berzelius väg 9

- All media must register. Please go to for information

- Contact:


Friday, December 7

17.30 Nobel Lecture in Literature at the Swedish Academy

Address: Källargränd 4

- Tickets are required for journalists. Please see application form (last date for application was Nov 9).

- Only one photographer from Scanpix allowed

- TV-teams please contact

- Radio-teams, please contact

- Contact: Ulrika Kjellin, Swedish Academy,   


Saturday, December 8

Nobel Lectures in Physics, Aula Magna, Stockholm University 

Nobel Lectures in Chemistry, Aula Magna, Stockholm University 

Lectures in Economic Sciences, Aula Magna, Stockholm University

The first Lecture of the day will start at 09.00. The entrance will open at 08.40.

Between the lectures there is time reserved for individual interviews with the Laureates.

- Address: Frescativägen 6

- For information, please go to

- Contact:


Other events

Saturday, December 8
19.00  Nobel Prize Concert

- Address: Stockholm Concert Hall

- For information, please contact Caroline Burén at  

Sunday, December 9
09.00 – 17.30 Nobel Week Dialogue

-  Address: Stockholm City Conference Centre, Barnhusgatan 12-14

-  For information, please go to:

-  Contact:


Monday, December 10  

Nobel Prize Award Ceremony and Nobel Banquet

16.30 Nobel Prize Award Ceremony at the Stockholm Concert Hall

19.00 Nobel Banquet at the Stockholm City Hall

  - Tickets are required for print journalists (Please see application form)

  - Cameras only for pool photographers (Please see application form)

  - TV-teams, please contact the Nobel Media at or visit

- Radio-teams, please contact

(Last date for application was Nov 9).

The Nobel Foundation provides 12 seats at the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony and the Nobel Banquet for foreign print journalists and 7 seats for Swedish print journalists. An application for participation is no guarantee of actually obtaining a ticket. Notification of ticket allocation will be made in late November. The Nobel Banquet fee is SEK 2500 (to be paid in cash in Swedish currency at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs International Press Centre or with credit card at the Nobel Desk at Grand Hôtel).

A maximum of 10 still photographers from international and Swedish photo agencies will be allowed in the photo pool at the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony and the Nobel Banquet, respectively. Accreditations to the participants in the Photo Pool will be handed out on December 10 by.

For enquiries regarding TV and radio coverage on December 10, please contact Nobel Media at  


Royal Banquet

Tuesday, December 11

19.30 Dinner at the Royal Palace

- For information, please go to or

 - Contact: Ulrika Näsholm, + 46 8 402 64 34,  


General Information

Dress Code December 10

Nobel Prize Award Ceremony: Dark suit for gentlemen and short or long dress for ladies. At the Nobel Banquet, gentlemen are required to wear white tie and tails, and long evening gown for ladies. Thus, if attending both ceremonies, white tie and tails for gentlemen and evening gown for ladies apply. Dress code for pool-photographers is dark suit/long dress or dark two piece suit at both events.

Hotel Reservations

Kindly note that it is often difficult to find hotel rooms in Stockholm at this time. You are, therefore, advised to make your own booking as soon as possible.

Press Centre for Foreign Media

During the Nobel Week, the International Press Centre of the MFA will be available to foreign media representatives. The Press Centre is equipped with working areas and technical facilities, including Internet and ISDN. The Press Centre is located in central Stockholm.

Address: Fredsgatan 6.

Distribution of tickets:

Thursday 6 December 09.00 - 17.00
Friday 7 December 09.00 - 17.00
Monday 10 December 08.00 - 14.00
Regular opening hours are Monday to Friday 08.00 - 18.00
Contact at the MFA Press Centre:
Ms Lena Jern
Phone: +46 8 405 38 22

Contacts at Nobel Institutions

The Nobel Foundation
Ms Annika Pontikis
Phone: +46 8 663 14 70, fax +46 8 660 48 37
Ms Jonna Petterson
Phone: +46 8 663 27 65, fax +46 8 660 48 37
E-mail: or

Nobel Media AB
Ms Päivi Suhonen
Phone: +46 8 663 4367
Mobile: +46(0)73 4028527
Ms Allegra Grevelius
Phone:  +46 8 663 61 36
Mobile: +46 (0)70 772 5818
Ms Caroline Burén
Phone: +46 8 663 27 62

Karolinska Institutet
Ms Ann-Mari Dumanski
Phone: +46 8 524 878 00
Ms Tatiana Goriatcheva
Phone: +46 8 524 878 05

Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
Phone: +46 8 673 95 00

Swedish Academy
Ms Ulrika Kjellin
Phone +46 8 555 125 03, fax +46 8 555 125 49


Royal Court - Information and Press Department (regarding December 11)
Phone: +46 8 402 60 00, fax +46 8 402 60 62 
Contact: Ms Ulrika Näsholm, + 46 8 402 64 34,  

Major Swedish Photo Agency
Scanpix Sweden AB 
Phone: +46 8 738 38 00, fax +46 8 738 38 70