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Press Release   •   Jun 07, 2013 18:47 EDT

VoIP is here to stay, but many businesses are yet to make the switch because of fear of the unknown or a simple lack of information. Hopefully this guide will provide enough information to help businesses make the choice to ‘cross over’ to the digital domain.

Phone system experts provided the resources and expert advice that went into the formation of this guide, so businesses can read the contents with confidence.

Major reasons to switch to VoIP include cost-efficiency, flexibility, accessibility, scalability and streamlined communications.


With a variety of super-affordable calling options, as well as easy upgrading and better access to qualified after-sales support, VoIP phone systems provide the ultimate telephony solution for businesses.

One scare businesses have is the issue of privacy control, since VoIP communications depend on the Internet and may be open to 3rd party interference. It's worthy to note that most VoIP platforms employ stringent multi-layer security measures to protect customer voice and data traffic.

Tip: If you’re concerned with privacy and fear using the Internet for calls, simply connect all your offices together on your own private network. Inter-office calls come with flat rates or free calling.


VoIP is the most flexible solution out there; manage your current incoming and outgoing calls and add, or remove, as many lines, extensions and VoIP phones (like Xblue and Allworx models) as you need – and at practically no extra cost.


IP telephony is user-friendly, accessible and even has plug-and-play versions anyone can use, making it very accessible. There is also the fact that VoIP can be deployed in the remotest parts of the world and still function great.


VoIP is very scalable, allowing businesses to add or remove extensions as needed, easily adjust payment/subscription plans, combine supported services for more value or support new equipment or offices with ease.

Streamlined Communications

Enjoy less downtime through multiple connectivity options, better accountability through call recording, and happier clients through better call handling.

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