50% off blade and soul gold for sale tips:Conquer Junghado on Mushin's Tower 7th Floor

Press Release   •   Feb 18, 2016 04:33 EST

With Blade & Soul’s first update - Rising Waters released on February 10, many players might have bought cheap bns gold to test the 7 floors Mushin's Tower. However, being attractive and incentive, this single Heroic dungeon is also a challenging addition. Hence, safewow is here to provide some tips based on gameplay to help you conquer Junghado on Mushin's Tower 7th Floor. 50% off sale-safewow offer 50% off Blade & Soul Gold on 03:00 AM on February 22, 2016.

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Run close to Junghado

Do not run away from Junghado too far and never try to escape, otherwise, he'll dash to you and it will hurt. Just run circles around him. There is a sweet spot of medium distance where he doesn't dash to you but likes to use blade call - his most useless ability with a very long cast time.
Win over breathing time

1. Knockdown: Whenever you knock Junghado down, he tries to pull. Keep attacking him through the knockdown, he'll be knocked down again, giving you 5 second breathing time.
2. Grapple and phantom grip: Junghado is almost defenseless against grapple and phantom grip or so, just use it as much as possible and unload as much damage.
3. Stun/Daze and Aerial: Another way to create breathing space and free damage. But you’d note that aerials may vary by class. If your damage is low, you might not be able to afford that luxury.
Dodge the aerial combo

This is the biggest tip. Junghado will start doing a big AoE when he hits ~40% health. Then, he'll dash to you and try to do an aerial combo.additionally, he is immune during that time and baits a lot of crowd control during that time. If he succeeds, there goes 80% of your health, which means you'll have to start over. Fortunately, it comes from a mile, so you should be able to dodge/block it.

In summary, the more you keep Junghado out of the fight, the better chance you will get, as it gives you time for cooldowns and free reign to unload dps. With this and ability to block the Aerial combo, you should be able to handle it. Good luck for those attempting, and welcome to buy safe Blade and Soul Gold on safewow whenever you need some.

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