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Press Release   •   Aug 11, 2017 22:40 EDT

Do you want to buy swtor credits ?Just come to swtor3credits.com. About one week ago we have talked about the issue that new Launcher Certificate doesn’t work on some Windows Vista and XP PCs. Now Bioware announce that they will be unable to support Windows XP and Vista for The Old Republic. For players who are receiving the error on a Windows XP or Vista PC, the fix that is provided will allow them to continue to access Swtor until October.

Fix for “Certificate Authentication Failed” error

Community manager Eric Musco put forward the solution on the forums on August 9. A launcher repair utility is provided, so players could download the utility and run it after restarting their computers first.
If the launcher will not run or you are still receiving the error, restart your computer and then ensure the launcher is not running in task manager. Try deleting the folder called “patch” from the SWTOR directory manually and then follow the steps above to run the utility.?
This fix will allow the game to continue to run until October. It may run beyond that, but there are no guarantees.

Upgrade is recommended to Windows XP & Vista users

Any users who are on XP or Vista are strongly recommended to upgrade their OS to Win 7 or newer if at all possible, which will allow them to play Swtor going forward without any need for this fix. If someone upgrades at a later date after using it, additional steps will likely be required, even including a full re-install.
Since support for Windows XP and Vista has ended, there are no more security updates or technical support from Microsoft for the Windows XP and Vista. Under these circumstances, Bioware will need to follow suit because they cannot reliably fix any issues that could arise. This reason can be easily understood. Not only for playing Swtor without any problems, upgrading the OS to a current supported operating system is very important for security of one’s computer, which will protect the computer from malicious attacks.

If you are receiving the “Certificate Authentication Failed” error on a Windows XP or Vista PC, try the solution to deal with this problem, but it may be a better choice to upgrade your operating system first. Anyway, everyone can still enjoy the game and buy cheap swtor credits from Swtor2credits.com

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