6 Month Suspension Work Better than Permaban in Reducing Bots with wow gold for sale

Press Release   •   Dec 21, 2015 00:57 EST

Recently, Blizzard has taken action to fight against accounts that use bots in World of Warcraft. As punishment, players who use bots in the game now get six months’ suspension, rather than a permanent ban. When bots and cheats have such a negative impact, why the punishment turns to be even slighter? Read on for details.

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Using bots in WoW now get 6-month suspension

Due to the fact that a large number of wow players are using third-party programs, known as ‘bots’, to avoid actually playing the game. Blizzard has recently taken actions, like removing wow gold, PvP currencies, and gear from their accounts, to fight against this cheats. However, rather than the previous permanent ban, cheaters now have been given 6 months’ suspension by using bots. Many players, including me, and maybe you, have been wondering why the punishment is turning to be even slighter when bots bring much negative impact on the game.
To clear confusion, the Community manager, Lore explained that according to various studies, suspensions work better than permabans for preventing repeat offenses by the same people because when those people get back their accounts, they would less likely to risk at losing the account again. “There's some really interesting sociological hocus pocus behind it, but from what I understand, the TLDR is that if a botter gets permabanned, they'll often just buy a new account and go right back to botting. However, if we only suspend them -- meaning, they'll get their account back later -- they're less likely to buy a new one. Furthermore, once they do get their account back, they're EXTREMELY unlikely to bot again.”
Should there be more severe punishment to reduce bots?

At the first beginning when the 6-month ban was announced, players have showed out different ideas, some told that Blizzard should accept botters as part of the game, while others believed more severe punishment should be given to crack down botters. Personally, to make sure players have an equal and fair playing field, it is necessary that Blizzard takes action to prevent bots in World of Warcraft. The only concern is that whether 6-month ban is more efficient than permanent ban. Someone suggested that there should be slightly more than 6 months so that more players will avoid using bots if they don’t want to miss the start of Legion expansion, kinda like a joke, but it is reasonable to some extent.

Do you think 6-month suspension will help more, or if you reckon the previous permanent ban or more severe punishment would be better? Time will tell which is better and a secure economy system will be not far off, so you can rest assured to buy safe wow gold on Safewow and enjoy the game in a fair environment!
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