6Sight reveals mobile imaging future at Sweden summit

Press Release   •   Oct 11, 2011 02:45 EDT

MALMÖ, Sweden. – Mobile-imaging decision makers from around the world will gather Nov. 15-17, at the Malmö Hilton, in Sweden, to explore the questions most vital to the future of mobile imaging. The 6Sight Mobile Imaging Conference, a companion event to the 6Sight Future of Imaging Conference, is the only executive-level conference to focus exclusively on mobile imaging. The event is co-hosted by Scalado and Invest in Skåne; Region Skåne and Sony Ericsson are silver sponsors.

“Since 2002, 6Sight has been the only executive conference bringing mobile imaging leaders together to address issues that are affecting the future success of this ecosystem,” says Joe Byrd, president, 6Sight Conferences LLC. “Today we are at a crossroads in the short and turbulent history of camera phones. At long last we have the answered the question ‘Is the quality good enough?’ but now we have a bigger question to address ‘How can the next generation of camera-phones be better and make money for the ecosystem in the process?’ As always, 6Sight will tackle this question head on and provide some real-world answers for our participants.”

The conference sessions will answer these questions:

  • What exciting innovations will the next generation of camera-phones bring to market?
  • How will mobile operating systems improve their support for the next generation of mobile imaging devices?
  • What will be done to improve the speed and quality of image processing in mobile devices?
  • Will the optics in the phones ever achieve the quality of consumer-level cameras?
  • How will mobile operators meet the challenges of massive amounts of image video traffic?
  • When will augmented reality play a significant role in mobile imaging and who will benefit?
  • How does the ecosystem make money from mobile imaging apps?
  • What current and future business models take advantage of the Social Imaging tsunami?
  • What new technologies will transform mobile imaging in the next few years?
  • What do analysts predict about the rapidly expanding and consolidating mobile imaging industry?

“It’s taken 10 years, but mobile imaging is finally coming into its own,” says Tony Henning, 6Sight’s Senior Analyst for Mobile Imaging. “Thanks to smartphones and their emphasis on improving the user interface, we can now easily find and use the cameras in our phones, easily share them instantly, and easily enjoy our mobile pictures and videos with tens of thousands of imaging apps. And the cameras in phones are finally producing excellent results. The stars are aligned for a golden age of mobile imaging.”

“Mobile imaging is becoming the centric to the use of smartphones,” says J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., principal analyst with MobileTrax. “Everyone with a smartphone is either taking photos or videos and sharing them with their friends. And, many are downloading music videos, TV shows and movies to their mobile devices. This conference will address these major developments in mobile imaging.”  

“Social imaging is immensely popular with everyday Mobile Imaging users,” says Paul Worthington, 6Sight consumer imaging analyst, “and it is, in effect, making obsolete previous revenue-generating methods for viewing and sharing photographs. The industry needs to understand what new opportunities  are being created and how to take advantage of them. Augmented reality, on the other hand, is so unlike any previous methods for information display that it does not threaten any existing business models — however, that means it has to forge entirely new ones.”

The 6Sight Mobile Imaging Conference is a companion to the 6Sight Future of Imaging Conference held each year in the United States, which encompasses all aspects of imaging from photo image capture, photo publishing, social imaging, and mobile imaging. Visit to learn more about the Mobile Imaging Summit conference and its program.


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