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Press Release   •   Aug 24, 2017 22:58 EDT

Due to the longer time to test in Crisis on Umbara, Swtor patch 5.4 is delayed by an additional 24 hours to Thursday. During this period to wait for the update, the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event will remain active, so you can still participate in the event and buy swtor credits from Swtor2credits with fastest delivery.

When will the Swtor patch 5.4 start to update?

The 5.4 update will start on Thursday, 8/24 at 5AM PDT.

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TL:DR Mechanics: Cleanse the poison stacks and avoid the deadly Poison Breath. Don’t kill the adds.

Alpha Slybex is accompanied by two smaller Slybex. Killing these smaller ones will give buff stacks to the Alpha, increasing his damage output. Avoid killing them if you can.

Taunts need to be aware that the Alpha drops aggro after every knock up and will need to be retaunted. He also drops aggro after stun and Poison Breath.

Alpha Slybex’s attacks will periodically apply 3 stacks of Poison on its target. These need to be cleansed by the healer as they can deal quite a lot of damage. Sometimes more than one player can get the Poison DoT so healing can get intensive.

His deadliest attack, however, is the Poison Breath. This avoidable conal attack deals massive damage and can pretty much one shot you in Master mode. Tanks and anyone in front of the Slybex will need to move out of it.

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