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Press Release   •   Aug 16, 2017 22:20 EDT

Swtor 5.4 Umbara Update is just lurking in the corner. We know that this update will bring the new Umbara flashpoint, Umbara stronghold, companion updates, pvp changes, and quality of life changes. Here are all details about these contents.?

Umbara flashpoint

The new flashpoint is also known as Crisis on Umbara. It will continue the story directly after Iokath Story for level 70 players. Apart from being on a whole new planet, this flashpoint will also take place on top of a moving train.?
This flashpoint will launch with all three difficulty modes: solo, easy and master mode. In master mode, if you want to use the group finder to find other people to run, you will need to have an average gear rating of 242. If you get your own group of friends together, you won’t be prevented from going onto the flashpoint directly. You just won’t be able to go into the route finder if you are under geared.?
Along with that, they are also adding a new average rating identifier on your character window which will be based on the items you have equipped. So if you are trying to gear up your own character, you will have a really good idea of your average gear rating.?

Umbara stronghold

As the most unique stronghold, it allows you to decorate your own moving train. As you run the new flashpoint, you will earn currency which you can then use to buy the key to the stronghold. Once you have the key, you can unlock the stronghold for a reduced amount of swtor credits or cartel coins.?
You cannot outright purchase the stronghold, but earn the key by running a flashpoint. It will take about ten runs for story or solo mode to get the stronghold key, six runs on veteran or three runs on master mode.

Quality of life updates

Swtor 5.4 is also bringing a lot of quality of life changes. The most interesting one is that companions can now be summoned while moving. For example, Senya Tyrell can now have her weapons and armor customized in 5.4. Besides, you can also get the companion hair cells for your own character.?
Meanwhile, August 22 will bring Season 8 of ranked PvP to an end. And they are also doing some adjustments to ranked and unranked weeklies/dailies rewards.?

In addition, the preference screen has been added for higher graphics setting to improve the realism of contrast and shadows. Swtor 5.4 Umbara Update will be released on August 22. To get ready for the update, all players can have a chance to get cheapest swtor credits on our site by join in our Swtor $5.4 Panic Buying on August 28.?

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