8.5 Million ESO Players Based eso gold on Sales for Morrowind Release

Press Release   •   Feb 24, 2017 02:33 EST

Matt Firor, the producer of Elder Scrolls Online, has confirmed that ESO has 8.5 millions players now based on sales. It is a steady increase since June, 2016. There is a surmise that the number is likely to increase to 10 million with ESO Morrowind expansion release in June, 2017. Don’t you think so?

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The number of ESO players is a steady increase since June, 2016

At E3 2016, the Elder Scrolls Online had 7 million players as Matt Firor confirmed. Now it has grown by 1.5 million since then, to 8.5 million. This number is based off of units sold and is not simply a tally of registered accounts.

Zenimax deserves it and will likely reach a higher achievement

In the past years, Zenimax has done a good job to improve ESO and add new content, from previous “One Tamriel” to Homestead updates and the upcoming “Morrowind expansion”. ESO Morrowind DLC is set for release on June 6, 2017. It is likely for the sales to increase to 10 million with ESO Morrowind release.

Besides, the Elder Scrolls Online is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Now the population is split evenly among all platforms, Firor confirmed.

In addition, the number of sales is not equal to 8.5 million active players, but means 8.5 million people to buy this game. But even if the number of active players is half of that, that's still a lot of players to have in an MMO.

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