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A Career as a Dialysis Technician

Press Release   •   Oct 08, 2012 00:27 EDT

A dialysis or hemodialysis technician is a person who administers patients through dialysis treatments. As per the available statistics, this medical career is highly in demand and it also pays well. The primary function of a dialysis technician is to work with patients who are suffering from kidney failure. Not only are they required to set up and operate the machine required for the dialysis process but they also have to mix all the solutions required in the process, which is known as dialysate. To begin the process, the dialysis technician transfers the patients from waiting areas or their rooms to the room where the dialysis is to take place and explain the entire procedure to them. Once the patient has been examined for all the vital signs, the insertion area is cleaned by the technician. After that, the patient is connected to the dialysis machine. Throughout the dialysis process, the technician will have to monitor the patient and record vital signs post dialysis.

To become a dialysis technician, one must possess a GED certificate or at least a high school diploma. Furthermore, one has to complete a training program which is approved by the state; it can be a program at a college, hospital or a community.

A person who is a dialysis technician is not considered as a doctor or a nurse but a medical assistant. In order to work a dialysis technician, you will have to be a high school graduate, and you have to attend a certification course in some vocational program. Depending upon the amount of time you are able to commit towards your studies, the entire training program may take somewhere between 1 to 3 years. In addition to this, you will also have to undergo under certification programs along with hands-on experience which will solidify the courses.

There is absolutely no dearth of jobs as far as dialysis technicians are concerned. You can get hold of quite lucrative job offers in the offices of physicians as well as in large hospitals. In addition to this, you can also work in residential care facilities, outpatient care centers or long term care centers. Owing to the increasing rate of illnesses along with medical advancements, the need for technicians and health care providers will experience an exponential growth pattern.

Those people who become a part of the medical fraternity in some way or other do so with an aim to have a stable career and profession along. Of course, they also must have a passion to help people in need health care. In the capacity of a dialysis technician, you will be working as a part of a complete medical support team which will include professionals like doctors, nurses, other assistants, and technicians. All these professionals will work together towards helping those patients who are suffering from kidney failure. The person will be providing appropriate treatments to the patients which will help in restoring their health along with helping them live healthily. This profession can prove to be quite rewarding yet emotionally trying at times. Once you experience the joy of saving a human life, you will experience the amount of satisfaction that no other profession can guarantee.