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A Silver Lining releases debut album "Paralyzed"

Press Release   •   Aug 22, 2017 14:25 EDT

Los Angeles, CA - August 22, 2017 -- The alternative rock band A Silver Lining was formed the way many bands are; the social network in and around Bay City, Michigan united friends of friends and acquaintances around their shared love of music. Founded in 2017, the band has only been together for a short while, but their debut album "Paralyzed" reveals their undeniable chemistry and cohesion.

"Paralyzed", set for release in September, was written and produced by the five members of the band, Lucas, Eric, Spencer, Dave and Mike with special production and development by Chris Cuben-Tatum. The album is a listener friendly experience, designed to be played on repeat and appealing to a wide range of fans. Drawing from real life experience, the album explores universal emotions through a variety of tempos and moods, displaying the master musicianship and passion behind the work. "Paralyzed" is currently available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon Music.

Starting September 1st, a new music video will be released every day for eight days. The first release will be for the single "Don’t Let me Down". Shot in the band’s hometown, Bay City, Michigan, the video illustrates the battle between political parties and shows who the real winner is in American Politics in the form of an underground fight club. Catch the video for "Don’t Let Me Down" on A Silver Lining’s YouTube page.

"It’s really important for us to change lives. Even if we help just one person with this album it’ll all be worth it," says lead singer Lucas about the reason behind creating "Paralyzed".

Currently, A Silver Lining is in the process of putting together a tour to celebrate the album. Tour dates will be announced on the band’s official website. When they’re not touring, A Silver Lining is hard at work on their next project.

About A Silver Lining

A Silver Lining is a alternative rock band from Bay City, Michigan. The five member band was formed in 2017 and was inspired by artists like Avenged Sevenfold and Panic! At the Disco. They’re ready to establish themselves as a fan friendly force in the alternative rock genre with their debut album "Paralyzed". For more updates on upcoming performances follow A Silver Lining on Facebook, or go to for more details.


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