A TR Sabo Solo Red Dragon with Neverwinter Critical Severity Bug Successfully

Press Release   •   Feb 20, 2017 01:47 EST

It is not news that Neverwinter Critical Severity glitches Module 11 Xbox One. Lately, it has become the hot topic that a TR sabo is successfully soloing the red dragon by using this bug. Do you know how to farm 25K Critical Severity in Neverwinter Xbox One? If you know, you can buy neverwinter astral diamonds xbox one cheap to try it!

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Neverwinter Critical Severity bug in Sea of Moving Ice Xbox One
At the end of last month, many Xbox players reported the Critical Severity bug. It says, a TR random simply destroyed enemies with smoke bomb which isn’t the most DPS skill of TR. But he absolutely melted enemies, at the end he did only 1,064,343,113 damage in 6 minutes. As the witness said, the TR had 25K of Critical Severity.
The TR logged out and in a hundred times. This is stacking incorrectly, or every time he closed the game, he was capable to use that potion again.
A TR sabo soloed the red dragon using the critical severity bug
The development team has had no any replies for this issue. And recently someone else used this bug to successfully solo the red dragon.
Critical Severity determines character`s amount of bonus damage dealt or Hit Points healed on Critical hit. If you can farm hundreds and thousands of critical severity in some way, you might be unbeatable. Unfortunately, only a few players know this trick on Xbox One Neverwinter.
But I believe that this secrete will be unveiled soon. Since the development team still has no response for this issue. It would be safe to use this exploit. If you need, you buy neverwinter astral diamonds xbox one from Safewow. I used this site before, which is a reliable place to buy neverwinter AD. I’m always able to receive astral diamond xbox one in minutes.

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