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Access To ZweenaHealth In Vital Situations Now Possible Through Cloud Computing

Press Release   •   Aug 24, 2012 15:01 EDT

Skillman, NJ’s resilience in critical times is what sets it apart from other healthinformationmanagement providers.  Zweena is able to recover from a service disruption quickly with minimal data and productivity lost in large part because of its cloud based platform.  The result is a PHR (Personal Health Record) service that customers can depend on in both typical and downtime circumstances. is an online service that compiles patient medicalrecords gathered from doctors.  These records are then organized digitally and an electronic health record is born.  Individuals can have their healthinformation available to them online at all times.  Zweena, a healthinformationtechnology (Health IT) firm, also has the ability to update a customer’s Microsoft HealthVault records.


Like any other business, system failures are costly and can not be completely avoided.  The difference between a top provider and an average provider is forethought.  A leader in any industry will be sure to implement infrastructures to make certain that little or no disruption and loss of data ensues if the following should happen: power outages, hardware failures, internal system failures or any other downtime scenario.  It is essential that a health IT provider like Zweena utilize a platform with the ability to ascend the unimaginable so that its customers can breath easy.


“When providing a vital health IT service to millions of people all over the country simultaneously, you really have to ensure that you provide a top-of-the-line web platform that not only has the resilience required to handle such a large workload in a time and cost-effective manner, but is also capable of maintaining satisfactory quality and accessibility of service even in the most critical downtime scenarios - and this is what we are doing for Zweena,” says CEO and founder John Phelan. allows individuals to take a proactive part in their healthcare.  This online PHR gives both patients and healthcare providers a safe and confidential arena to access vital health records.  Zweena takes the stress away and gives patients the upper hand in their personal healthcare matters, all the while giving doctors a key to a patient’s up to date medical information which in critical matters can mean the difference between life and death.


Want to empower yourself to be an active participant in your health?  Go to, email or call Zweena’s help line (877)848-4248 for information that can change the way you care for your health. 


About Zweena


Zweena is a leading Health Information Technology firm passionate about providing all the necessary tools to assist patients, families and health care providers in all matters of health care.  Zweena Health gathers, compiles and stores all your medical records using Microsoft HealthVault, thus ensuring safety and privacy at all times with no worries.  Zweena organizes your medical records into a digitized user friendly format making it simple to store and retrieve all your critical medical information at times when you need them most and allows you to share medical information with family members and medical professionals.