AccuPay Helping Small Businesses Put Payroll Tax Filing Debacles Away

Press Release   •   Jun 08, 2017 06:06 EDT

Accupay, a payroll processing company Californiahas repositioned itself as a leader in tax filing and payroll process. It has helped businesses - small and large, to find solutions in their payroll processes and filing of taxes.

About 40 percent of businesses – small and medium sized, within the United States pay penalties related to their payroll. This is because they file incorrect amounts, withhold deposits, or they deposit the wrong amounts. That’s according to IRS estimates.

Accupay understand how difficult it is to deal with issues related to payroll process as well as tax filing. That’s why they have put in place systems and experts to help small, medium-sized, as well and the large businesses to make their payroll processes and tax filing an easy thing.

Businesses can avoid payroll penalties by seeking trusted, reliable, and experienced payroll tax filing services California.When businesses unlawfully retain fax funds, depending on the employees working in a company, the penalties might be quite steep- often reaching 100 percent. Since payroll tax is considered a top source of revenue for the federal government, IRS gives priority to the collection of tax funds. IRS has also extensive power allowing them to enforce the payroll penalty in businesses that withhold federal tax funds.

Accupay, as a trusted payroll processing company California,it offers reliable, affordable payroll processing solutions to businesses. They pride themselves of having the best alternative to Paycheck and ADP. They will not put a dent on your finances.

About Accupay Systems

AccuPay Systems started offering its services in 1992 and through innovative payroll processing solutions, the company has continued to make great strides. Today, Accupay Systems provide not only tax filling to CPA firms but also 1099 filing services to large volume issuers including academic institutions and mortgage companies.

Using a reliable payroll and tax filing system known as WinRX, the payroll tax filing services California company is able to meet the demand for both small and large organizations. Accupay also partners with other players in the industry to provide services such as employee benefits, time and attendance, and workers compensation solutions.

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Accupay understand how difficult it is to deal with issues related to payroll process as well as tax filing.