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Accutane Lawyer : New Accutane Lawyer Website Launched To Help Victims of Accutane

Press Release   •   Feb 18, 2011 12:26 EST

Lots of people who have suffered from severe cases of acne have been prescribed Accutane. However, after some time some people developed harmful side effects and had to experience serious gastrointestinal complications for example. Victims of Accutane want to get compensation for all the bad consequences brought by Accutane to their lives. Before getting a valuable Accutane lawyer, they need to determine if they are eligible for compensation or not. The best option here is to have experts help them get value for their money. Information is their key to winning their case.

A new website, Accutane Lawyer Info ( ), was created to provide support and information to those who do not know the proper steps to take in filing a lawsuit. “We strive hard to provide consumers with the superior edge when it comes to Accutane lawsuit settlements” says website creator Alex Steel.

Upon registering and filling out the appropriate forms, legal experts will give them a free compensation evaluation within 24 hours. As soon as they pass this step, additional information will be required from them, and they’re on their way towards their goal.

Accutane side effects in men are typically the same as those experienced by women, though women are also at risk of menstrual complications. Recently, in February 2010, a man was awarded $25 million in an Accutane lawsuit against Hoffmann-La Roche for failing to warn of side effects, after he developed inflammatory bowel disorder. In 2009, Hoffman-La Roche discontinued manufacturing Accutane because of that company’s dwindling market share, but it can still be held accountable for the times when it did manufacture the drug.

Unusual episodes of dizziness or lightheadedness may arise in men treated with Accutane. Affected men may appear unbalanced or unstable while standing or walking. Increased fatigue may also occur, leading to problems with loss of focus or attentiveness during activities. Accutane being taken by male patients may be at an increased risk of developing a respiratory tract infection as a side effect of treatment as warned by the FDA. Symptoms of a respiratory tract infection include breathing difficulties, nasal dryness or congestion and chest discomfort. Men who develop a respiratory tract infection should contact a doctor as additional medication may be necessary to resolve infection symptoms.

Victims may be eligible for an Accutane class action if they have developed serious side effects due to their Accutane treatment. They need to get expert advice from an Accutane attorney as soon as possible after knowing if they qualify or not for compensation.

Getting help in from an experienced Accutane lawyer will be an easy ordeal for them with the free compensation evaluation that they’ll find on the Accutane lawyer Info website.

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Accutane is a prescription medication that contains the active ingredient isotretinoin, a derivative of the retinoid vitamin A. This medication is used to reduce or eliminate the development of skin lesions associated with a severe form of acne identified as nodular acne. Lots of Acne sufferers experienced serious side effects because of their Accutane treatment and are looking for compensation now. To help them find an Accutane lawyer quickly, a new website will be providing you all the necessary information to file an Accutane lawsuit.