Acne Faces Up To The Future

Press Release   •   Nov 29, 2010 06:28 EST observes that Acne, once considered no more than a cosmetic nuisance, is now finally on the way to being treated as something closer to a spectrum disorder, with the psychological side effects of the condition beginning to take centre stage in the industry. In addition, they claim that this matches a trend within the broader medical industry.

Location—Although today Acne is still primarily treated as a superficial skin disease, AcneTreatmentSite believes that a change is occurring within the industry which reflects the idea that Acne tends to be correlated with a range of mental disorders. The company claims that the days of treating Acne as an isolated and superficial condition are coming to an end.

Studies in recent years have linked Acne with statistical prevalence of social anxiety, depression and suicide among people and found that the skin disease can aggravate pre-existing mental disorders or even be the cause of developing them. The stress and social awkwardness that Acne sufferers may experience are essentially a part of the medical condition itself, given the significant correlations between the skin disease and their presence.

The company says that the observations are part of a wider trend within the medical industry, where many diseases are beginning to be treated with attention paid to the broader social impacts and mental health implications of their symptoms and/or of the consequences of treatment. The patterns is one of treating patients as more than merely the bearers of a condition or disease and rather viewing people as social creatures with rights to and expectations of, a normal social existence all of which may be disrupted by what are ostensibly superficial conditions, such as Acne.

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