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Press Release   •   Aug 30, 2017 23:01 EDT

As Swtor patch 5.4 has been released for several days, you could learn the guide of Swtor Crisis on Umbara Flashpoint entrance and rewards if you need. However, some bugs about Dark Embrace and connection issue on Vista have been found by players, so it’s a good choice to wait for bug fix with cheap swtor credits.

Deception Dark Embrace 15% DR doesn’t work since Swtor 5.4

Some players felt their survivability was underperforming in PvP. After a little digging it was discovered that Dark Embrace no longer applies its 15% Damage Reduction buff, at least not to the character panel. The same panel would show in before Swtor patch 5.4. 15% flat out damage reduction is a really big deal on an otherwise Light Armored spec.
There has been no fix to this bug up to now, but someone thought that this might be intentional. We can wait to see if Bioware will solve this problem as a bug.

Swtor patch 5.4 connection issue on Vista

Some Vista users received the error message saying “Unable to retrieve patch data. Please check network connection. (206)” and couldn’t find the new patch to download. Their client isn’t able to connect to the update server. Methods such as disabling anti-virus and firewall completely, flushing DNS and even changing the DNS doesn’t work. This issue was both found in Windows Vista 32 bit and 64 bit.
This month we have talked about Swtor’s end of support for Windows XP and Vista. Bioware has announced that they will be unable to support Windows XP and Vista for The Old Republic because no more security updates or technical support from Microsoft for the OS. Therefore, if you see the error message and have connection issue like this, upgrading your OS to Win 7 or newer must be your best choice.

If you also find these bugs, you can pay attention to our news which will update the information when there is any fix. Anyway, enjoy the new contents in Swtor patch 5.4 with cheap swtor credits from Swtor2credits.

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